A bedroom - the bedroom

It's been a busy day. Off to bed now. Not in this relaxing bedroom, photographed by Sharyn Cairns for Homelife

My bedroom is facing a garden. My garden. I keep the window slightly open - the air is so fresh in the country, and I love to wake up in the wee hours by birds singing. Nothing fancy. Just fresh and calm. 

What's your bedroom like? Absolutely perfect, or are you working on it? 
WABI SABI Lisbeth Williams @ Williams Design


  1. When I wake up, and the birds were singing, it is 4.30 clock in the morning. So I have to close the window to sleep on .... unfortunately! ;-) But I I love to sleep with the window open. In the summer I was awakened by the rising sun.

  2. this angle of the room inspires me tranquillity, easeness and a lot of sweet deep sleep.
    laura from Rome

  3. My cottage bedroom is perfect (although not everything in it is) because of the light in the morning, and the sounds of birds, and the smell of roses and honeysuckle and even low tide that come through the open window. And because I read and sleep tucked under the eaves on which I can hear the rain and feel comforted.


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