Monday's Fav Christmas Paper Ornament Tutorial

How about these awesome paper speres made out of old paper by rhymeswithmagicart? There is still time, if you are up to it. Find the detailed tutorial here
Right, that was the last of a week of easy - and not so easy - DIY Christmas ornaments worth trying this year. What will you make?
WABI SABI Lisbeth Williams @ Williams Design
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  1. I just tweeted your blog to a few friends. I love your design and color aesthetics. And, I have to get off the computer quickly so that I can go cut out, then glue circles for this ornament.

  2. WoW..!! Its so cute and so easily this would be made.. Thanks for sharing.. :)

  3. A follow up to my earlier comment. I LOVE making these balls and, I got more reposts of you blog link from my Facebook Fan page than ever before! (Love your blog!)

    1. Sooo good to hear. Are there pics of your work anywhere?


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