This week I listen to: Mando Diao

Mando Diao performing their new song Strövtåg i Hembygden. A song about returning home after being away for decades, only to find that everything have changed, and family members are long gone...
Lyrics by one of my fav. 19 centrury Swedish poets Gustaf Fröding. He is generally held to be one of the greatest poets of verse that Sweden has ever produced, on par with Carl Michael Bellman. His poetry combines formal virtuosity with a sympathy for the ordinary, the neglected and the down-trodden. It is highly musical and lends itself to musical setting; as songs it has developed in to the much wider world of popular music and frequently been re-recorded by Swedish singers like Olle Adolphson and Monica Zetterlund. He wrote openly about his personal problems with alcohol and women and had to face a trial for obscenity for that cause. Link
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