New book: The Natural Home - very Wabi Sabi

If I had to pick a favorite interior stylist, I would be..... well, there are so many good ones, but this month it is Hans Blomquist. What I like most about him, is that he masters sooooo many different styles. He doesn't have one signature style (I don't think), but he knows what style works best in each situation. May it be Baroque, Romantic French, hard edge Black & white, Colorful & playful, Raw Industrial or natural Wabi Sabi, he masters them all!

Much of the latter is presented in his upcoming book The Natural Home, which will be released by Ryland, Peters and Small in April. The publishers haven't posted many photographs yet, but I found the ones below over at the great blog French by Design. Awesome photos by Debi Treloar. As usual.
The Natural Home is a place where natural materials and motifs are the key elements of home decorating. The book celebrates perfectly imperfect objects in homes that have grown with time and are photographed un-staged. Could it be more Wabi Sabi? 
Hans Blomquist starts off by exploring the essence of the natural style: 

  • In Texture, he revels in the textures and patinas of natural materials. 
  • Still Life reveals Hans' passion for creating displays that showcase treasured pieces, while 
  • Plants and Flowers celebrates the beauty of nature and the cycles of the natural world. 
  • Colour presents his favourite earthy, natural colour palette, which provides the perfect backdrop for hits of brighter natural hues. 
  • The second part of the book, Homes,  presents a series houses and apartments that showcase the beautiful simplicity and elegance of the natural look.  

The Natural Home will fit perfectly in my bookcase, in between all my Wabi Sabi books (among them Axel Vervoordts book Wabi Inspirations) and other books celebrating the used & imperfect, like Emily Chalmers book Flea Market Style, Christiane Lemieux's UnDecorate and Ramnek/Ulin's book Nesting.  

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