DIY: Ice Lantern Tutorial

Do you have winter where you are? 
Why not try this welcoming lantern?

All you need is two (different size) containers/buckets
and some decorations like branches, leaves, spices, slices of fruit etc.  

1. Put the smaller bucket inside the big one. 
2.  Place something heavy in the small bucket to keep it down.
3. Add water up to the brim in the space between the two buckets. 
4. Place your decorations in the water, 
using some of it to fix the small bucket in the center of the big one. 
5. Place the buckets outside to freeze.
6. If you've greased the outside of the small bucket and the inside of the big one, 
it is easier to remove the two buckets from your new ice lantern.
7. Place a candle inside and you're in business.
(Photo: Studio Dreyer Hensley)

WABI SABI Lisbeth Williams @ Williams Des