DARK STYLING - Natural Beauties from Japan

REPOST from March 2013. 
Award winning japanese designer Katsumi Machimura started off as a jewelry designer in the 1960s, and didn't dig his hands into clay until years later. His stunning ceramic work has both elegance and roughness - proper gems in themselves! Katsumi Machimura also love gardening, and share his passion for nature in his garden blog. I borrowed these pictures of his ceramic work and natural photos from Atelier Katsumi here.  

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Put a Feather on it! - Påskfin med trendiga fjädrar

In Sweden we celebrate Easter with eggs and feathers. The photographs in my Easter Parade above are from top to bottom: 

2: unknown via tumblr
3: unknown via tumblrmichalnegrin.com
4: unknown via tumblr +  flickr
5: alexandermcqueen.com + unknown via tumblr
6: unknown + alexandermcqueen.com
10: unknown via Pinterestbusybeingfabulous.com

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DIY: 4 creative ways to decorate your Easter Eggs

Easter is here, and if you'd like to try some new decorations around the house, shop or office, here are some egg-ideas worth trying. Even when I don't have time for much else, I always like to try out new ways of decorating my Easter eggs. Here are a few I want to test this year. 

First out are these drilled and waxed beauties, which I found here:

OK, maybe drilling and waxing is a wee bit too complicated for me...  
I think I'll decorate my eggs using somewhat simpler techniques. 
Like Dip Dye, which I found here and here (bottom set):

... using natural dye from berries, herbs, onions and veggies:

Isn't this great? Decorating eggs by attaching leaves before dipping them in dye. I found these images and useful step-by-step instructions here

And finally - the simplest way: just boil the eggs in all shades of naturally dyed water. I found these pictures here (top left) and here and here (bottom). Good luck!

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DIY: Creative Washi Tape Easter Decorations

Still got some fun rolls of japanese washi tape laying around? 
This is what you can do with them to spruce up your Easter decorations. 

I found these clever ideas at an Estonian website called Teip,
where you can order more washi tape, if you are out of stock. 

PS: är det bara jag som tycker att den svarta 
etiketten/servettringen ovan ser ut som en fästing? ;-)

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DIY: HAPPY EASTER egg decoration tutorials

Just popping in to say Happy Easter and hope you have a relaxing weekend. I haven't decorated my eggs yet, and if you are late like me, here's some great decoration ideas. Just klick on the images to grab the full tutorials. 

Break an Egg! 

I just had to include the beautiful photo of the vintage eggs below, an image I found on Pinterest, but with no proper source. And last, but not least - Danish designer Arne Jacobsen's Egg . 

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DIY: Natural Easter Decoration

Re-post from last year -  still beautiful in its simplicity: 
a birds nest for your table. Found here
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DIY - Natural Easter Egg Dye Tutorial: HAPPY EASTER!

Easter time! What are your plans? This year I'll be spending Easter with friends. What about you? Last year I focused on natural dyed eggs, and here's a collection of some of the best tricks. 

More dye tutorials here

Images via and via
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Craft is the new Black

Top left - design by Benar Venet and Marie-Andrée Côté

By Katakuchi-Hachi (right)

By Mozambican carvers. Brooch (right) by Kaori Zuzu

By Barbara Gilhooly (left)

By Africa Craft Trust (left) 

Top right: pendant by Julia Turner (right)
Below left: by Peter Bauhuis

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