Blogspotting: Méchant Design

Blogger (my blog host) have had technical problems and like all my blogger friends I have not been able to post anything for a while. But now (fingers crossed), things seems to be back to normal.
Yesterday I wanted to tell you about a post over at the blog Méchant Design, where the owner Cez had gathered a series pics of of great shelves/book cases. Now that post is (temporarily?) gone, but here are some samples of what was there: three DIY shelves made out of old wood. Check out Cez great blog here.
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  1. Hey honey!!!! thanks a lot for your post!!! you are so cute!!!!
    I don't know how to do...if i have to put the same message today!!!! coz the post from yesterday never came back!!!!
    big are the cutest friend ever!!!!!

  2. beautiful blog,
    i'll come back!
    bonne soirée
    sophie *

  3. Jag ar nyfiken, for jag jobba mycket met drivved.


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