Raku in my garden

Yesterday I made some raku ceramics. Testing different glazes. Not all turned out as I wanted. Celadon green turned out emerald. Most yellows turned beige. Back to the drawing board. Of all the experiments, I think the white glaze turned out the best and produced the cracked pattern I so love in raku ceramics.

The 4 major steps in the raku burning process:

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  1. Åh så vackert! Jag älskar raku! Fick tillfälle att testa på det på Paradisverkstaden i Färjestaden under en konstnatt för ett par år sedan. Riktigt, riktigt häftigt!!

  2. Mmm...jag gillar verkligen raku. Det är nåt magiskt över det

  3. omg!!! love the colors you obtained!!! so nice....you are a great artist my dear!!! xxx

  4. Ces, the colors are courtesy of the raku technique. The time in the furnace. The weather. The time in the air before it's emerged in the saw dust. The amount of saw dust and flames, before you put the lid on, etc, etc. You may hope to get a turquoise glaze, but you may just as well end up with a copper red, OR emerald green item. It's great fun. You should try it!

  5. Oh that white horse is great !
    Love ♥RINI♥


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