DIY: Got a stained sofa? Paint on it!

Seeing these pictures of these armchairs while reading Elle Decor online, it struck me: Who hasn't a sofa or chair where "accidents" have seriously change its pristine look??? Try painting it. Not cover it with layers of paint, but paint a nice decor on it (using the right kind of paint, depending on the cover), and give it a second life.  
Would you try something similar on your sofa? Armchair? 
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  1. This is the best day to fix the little ops-es that happen from time to time :) I would try it for sure, but probably stick to some gorgeous stencils rather than painting by hand & create another ups ;)

    - Urska @

  2. Very clever Urska, Stencils would be great! Hope to see the result later.

  3. i's pretty nice!!!! let's do it and show us the pic!!!!
    have a sweet weekend honey!!


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