Beautiful Bath in Stone, Wood and Concrete

Above: Stones, stones, stones! I'd love an outdoor bath like this. Someday.... Below: Impressive bathtub in all wood. Must weigh a ton... (wonder how they manage to get it in there? A crane and through the window, perhaps?) Both pics via tumblr with no source.

Above: nice space with stunning sculpture, via 79ideas. Probably a hallway, but would work well in a bathroom. Below: four pictures from Beautiful grey walls and well designed furniture, looking very pure and restrained, with a Japanese feel. Love. 

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    1. Jag behöver åtgärda ytskikten på mitt fula badrum. Letar alltid idéer. Dom här är inte helt fel...

  2. Replies
    1. I'd love to have an outdoor tub, but it's not very clever in out climate....

  3. Men hur mysigt såg det inte ut på första bilden!!!! Love it!!!

  4. The first photo is impressive!!!
    Have a good weekend.

  5. Underbara bilder, så kul att hitta hit! Nu skall jag kika runt lite mer, kram Victoria


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