Spring is hesitating in the door way. We had rain today. How is spring coming where you are?  

Both pics above via tumblr

Left picture via, and right by Paul Reaside

Via. See the original pic here
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  1. Häftiga regnbilder....här hos mig är det en grå grå dag med +5 just nu.....Önskar dig också en fin och härlig helg, Kram Maria ♥

  2. just wonderful... big hugs!!! xxx

  3. Really love the pairing of the top two images - and the persong with the umbrella image/painting, beautiful.

    The early spring has brought mud, deep ruts in the road and drizzle, but the muted colors are lovely.

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  6. Hej Lisbeth,
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  7. hello,

    i was just surfing and came across with your site. i saw these photographs and as soon as i saw them, i recognized one of them. it belongs to a friend of mine on deviantart. i thought you might be pleased to know the original source and to see the unmodified original form, so you can make a reference to the photographer. your site seems lovely, i ll go on surfing. here is the link to the original photograph:

    have nice day.

    1. Great! Thanks! You are a gem. Will add the proper source directly.


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