Bloglove: Cherry Blossom

There are many great Norwegian blogs - Cherry Blossom is one of them. Her style is Scandinavian with a romantic/asian touch. Beautiful! Head over to her blog for more along this line. 

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  1. Tack för tipset. Verkar vara något jag gillar. Önskar dig en fin helg kram från Maria

  2. my absoulute favourite! Have a nice weekend :-)

  3. The images are really stunning. And as they really promises a lot, I will head over right now to chack her blog out.
    Thanky and have a nice weekend.

  4. Hei Lisbeth!
    Tusen takk for dine fine ord om min blogg!
    Så snilt av deg! Jeg blir så glad :) Takk <3
    Ha en fiiin søndag! Klem

  5. yes, a really great blog! I like :o)


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