Cozy Sunday

OK - it's now official: it's June. It's summer in Sweden. Or so they say.  But temperatures are low and it's raining cats and dogs outside my window, so I keep a fire going , keeping warm and cozy.

The whole thing is really very clever: first you get hot from cutting down the tree. Then you stay warm while chopping it. And now my cheeks are glowing from the burning fire. Mmmmmmm. 

Don't have a fireplace? Here are some "fiery" inspiration, if you're planning to build one at your home.
Any summer where you are?

The images in my collages are from (top left):
Wooden joints, Karsamaki Church, Finland.  Interior from Sköna hem 
Interior via boligmagasinet
An old iron stove and a patchwork lace curtain from Sköna hem
A stone wall from lewfrenchstone, Interior from an unknown source
Modern stove in re-modelled barn via bing
Wood Assemblage by Alton Falcone, plus an interior via bobedre

WABI SABI Lisbeth Williams @ Williams Design


  1. It's warm and sunny...finally after a week of cold, rain, fog....generally miserable coastal weather. (We are about five miles inland.)

    Love all you images....especially that wood stove.


  2. Summer and 75 degrees F. here on Cape Cod. It's been a lovely weekend. And we're very near to Smartcat, who commented above.

  3. I am offering a link to a Southwestern Kiva fire place and my favorite hang out in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the Tea House, "where East and West meet."
    Here in the high desert temperatures are in the eighties made very bearable by a refreshing breeze. No fire, and no heater for me, thanks, passive solar gain will do fine most of the time. Greetings from the City Different in The Land of Enchantment.

  4. Your weather post could be mine here in Issaquah, WA (just east of Seattle) I think it is June, but yes, we still have a fire and the rains are here again. Love living here and looking forward to slightly warmer temps in July and August. I love your images always.


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