How do you see colors?

Interior decoration is really, really hot in Sweden. "Everyone" wants to work as an interior decorator - something I'm aware of as a blogger and educator (my courses are always fully booked). At my courses, the students spend a full day studying, analyzing and discussing color in theory and practice. In one exercise I let my students "calibrate" their brains (!), to understand how different we all interpret color (good to know when you meet your clients). Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Today I found an interesting test online, where you can test YOUR color vision. I just did, and I wasn't perfect ;-) I made 4 misstakes. Test your own color vision here.
WABI SABI Lisbeth Williams @ Williams Design
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  1. location: trinidad in the caribbean. work in clean development. loved the layout and eye enchanting blog. wish i could take one of your courses - not to be a designer but because i love fine design that always lightens my load.

    1. Good to hear from Trinidad! Wish I was there today, when we have a mix of snow and rain (very slippery...). Best, Lisbeth


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