I see beauty in (almost) everything

 I see beauty in (almost) everything
That's the name of a project by photographer Gemma Comas
These beautiful images are from her website, blog and her Pinterest. Enjoy! 

WABI SABI interior design art photography
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  1. I also see the beauty in (almost) everything :-D

  2. Little Beauty Things - i Love your pictures so so much *

  3. She really has a great style! love her pictures!
    greetings from Germany, geisslein

  4. Great photos, awesome style! love it!
    have a beautiful weekend, Lisbeth!

  5. Good Morning Lisbeth, I have been enjoying your wonderful site for several months. It is such a bright spot of beauty, I reach out to you just as I do looking for the sunrise or sunset in my day. What a beautiful gift you share with all of us. My name is Connie and I live in Boulder, Colorado USA. I am and have been interested in wabi-sabi since I first came across the word and meaning maybe 20 years ago while living on a rural farm in the hills of West Virginia making pottery (LOVE your work) I always loved working with porcelain, felt like cream cheese to me....Rustic elegance is the way I also have described it, the term wabi-sabi. I think I found you thru Pia Jane Bijkerk. My daughter has a beautiful home and garden boutique outside of Boulder in Lafayette, called Rustic Elegance because she likes wabi-sabi so much. For the last 13 years I have been caring for the elderly and doing hospice care in a beautiful home with raised bed gardens, greenhouse and we even have our own chickens for fresh eggs, right here in town. Lucky us!!! I am going into a new phase of my own life and look forward to being even more creative and right now I am just exploring what that means by taking little steps to express joy and beauty throughout my day.

    Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and the brightness and beauty you bring to us.

    Love and appreciation and Happy New Year.......

    1. Thank you Connie, for your interesting and generous comment. Good luck with your new, creative life. I am taking a similar step, too. Cheers! L

  6. I'm the same, seeing beauty in unexpected places, things..
    Lovely images. I'll check the links for more of her work.
    Happy New Year. :)

  7. I have just discoverded your blog. What a harmonious and peaceful place to rest.


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