The Morning After

December 25, and we've had some snow during the night. 
Slept very, very late this morning. 
So did Santa (I imagin)

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WABI SABI interior design art photography
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  1. What beautiful birches in the snow. And I love Santa's suit on the line.
    Most joyful of days to you and yours.

  2. Beautiful, bluish light... yes, I imagine Santa is sleeping heavily now. If, in fact, he's made it back from his world tour!

    1. With the speed he's keeping, he aught to be exhausted!! Is that him snoring??? ;-)

  3. Oh my! You never fail to delight Lisbeth! You post the best images to lift the spirits and feed the soul!

    How I would LOVE to walk by those birches in the snow. Sigh. That is such an atmospheric image - calls to my old European heritage it does :)

    That headboard - simple, solid, stunning!

    Old Santa deserves a rest - as do his faithful deer :)

    Thank you. Always, thank you.

    1. Thank YOU Vicki. Hopa your holidays were relaxing and peaceful. Cheers, L

  4. We absolutely adore this! We stumbled upon some of your stunning images on Pinterest, and now you've got us hooked! - Liz and Lo


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