Winter and a white star

What a lovely surprise! Today I found a gift from Marion/Basiclabel in my analogue mailbox. A white star! Handmade like most everything else this talented lady does. How can I not blog about such a lovely Christmas gift? I'm a great fan of Marion's great blog basiclabelsweden, and have written about it before - here. Now one of her beauties hang, together with other fav. Christmas ornaments, from a branch in my kitchen window. Thanks Marion! Get your own here

Below is an image from Marion's blog, which show the proper color and design of her stars:

We've got the first snow this year, and I'm working from home today. Watching the birds outside my window, feet in sheepskin slippers, fire in the kitchen stove. Perfect!  
The image below show pillows and throws from Linum, Sweden

WABI SABI Lisbeth Williams @ Williams Design
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  1. These birds are outside of our window? Wow, they are so sweet in the cold, cold snow.

  2. Yna, they are in someone else garden. But I have a bunch right outside my window, but they didn't want to pose for a picture ;-)

  3. Your Welcome, och tack själv för din uppmärksamhet :) vilken vackra bilder, the birds...... wauw.
    Ha en bra dag.



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