Kitchen Wabi Sabi Style

I keep looking for inspiration for my kitchen, which I am currently re-designing. I found these pictures over at Kråkvik & D'Orazio. Love the mix of old and new here. And the subtle, yet elegant details. 

My sofa is a second-hand find, and is in desperate need of new upholstery. The mix of patterns and soft colors, as seen below, will do just fine! Especially considering I am a passionate collector of beautiful textiles; finds which often turn out to be too small for the intended project. They'll be perfect for this! 

Inspiration for this summers project: a generous outdoor table: 

And finally - some eyecandy:

Snabblänkar till årets inredningsprogram på TV:
Bygglov | Room Service | Sommar med Ernst | Äntligen Hemma