Traditional Paper Design for the Future

As an occasional paper artist, show me some new paper design, and I fall for it with a bang. Like these items by the three designers Jovana Chris Lei, presented at the Milan Furniture Fair 2011. 

The collection is inspired by 2000 years of Chinese umbrella paper craft. The material choice may seem, well...  delicate , but the paper chairs are built to be durable. 

I guess the paper is treated to withstand humidity and heat? What do you think? 

From their website: 
CHAIR: Gluing layers of paper is the way how to make a traditional paper umbrella. Our Paper Seat is using the same craft. The paper layers are combined until the chair is strong enough to sit on, but is still keeping its flexibility. Hand made paper is rich of natural fibers that give strength to carry a person and is therefore our choice for this comfortable chair.

WASTE BASKET: The form as well as the mechanism of the foldable waste basket is based and inspired by the traditional Chinese umbrella. It is made of tear proof synthetic paper and obtains its durability and stability through the way of folding.

And last, but not least: two beautiful pendants. This one is made of paper, the bottom one  of bamboo. Well done! 

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