Hemma hos: A Gardner's Paradise (part 2)

Two giant dogs guard the wooden gate to The Gardner's Paradise. A beautiful place I visited the other day. A rainy day. And fell in love with the place. 
I took some pictures with my cell phone camera, to share with you. Sorry about the quality. I used only the natural light and no styling. Every thing is just as I found it. Any attempt to style this home and garden would have robbed it of it's uniqueness and character. First, some glimpses from inside the  house:
Below: the big kitchen is the heart of the house. Where the Gardner cook and his guest's eat, drink, dance (see earlier post below) and generally have a good time.

One room was full of antique furniture. And several beautiful arrangements of memorabilia here and there:

The hallway:

From the hall, lets visit the garden. 
Love the way the garden is divided into small spaces. 
A surprise awaits at every corner, behind every hedge or bush. 

... don't forget to look down...

Have a seat

And everywhere - old and new garden tools ready to use. 
Let's get back to work, then? 
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