Blogspotting: Moa og Kaffekoppen

There are bad things and good things with having a lingering cold. The bad thing is all that coughing and sneezing. The good thing is all that resting, mostly spent propped up on the sofa, with lots of extra time to surf the net. 

Today I came across the Norvegian blog Moa og kaffekoppen, where I found these beautiful photographs. Very Wabi Sabi. 

What stands out in her pictures, (especially the first three ones), is Moa's outstanding eye for composition! 

It's not often that you see this kind of artistic quality in blogger's photographs:
Love what she does with simple, every day items, like in the wonderful pic above, which remind me of artwork by Picasso or Morandi. And the rest of her pictures aren't half bad either: 

All images from Moa's blogg
Head over ASAP!