Lundberg Design: Beautiful Work in Wood and Steel

When I saw the stunning table in Wolfgang Behnken's new Hamburg home (which I wrote about here yesterday) I was reminded of Olle Lundberg's beautiful designs in wood and metal, as seen in these pictures:
Olle Lundberg is a Californian based architect, but with such a name I suspect he is of Swedish origin.Lundberg primarily works with salvage wood and metal in his own studio, where he and his collegues create stunning objects for private and public spaces
I love the different designs for wood storage, that Lundberg has designed for his own cabin in Cazadero
Lundberg Design excel in metal designs of all sorts: stairs, railings, hangers, sliding cabinet doors, practical kitchen tables etc. Apart from his San Francisco home, a re-designed ferry boat (!), he and his wife love to escape to their cabin up north in Cazadero - a woody, simple, airy house, largely built of reused material

Images from New York Times and Lundberg Design