The Swedish Dala Horse

This is the time of year when Swedes dig deep into their national and regional traditions. Lucia, Santa and the Straw Goat are sure to show up in most homes. And the Dala Horse too, in some regions. The other week I came across a website totally dedicated to Dalahorses, and filled with beautiful pictures of antique Dalahorses. Carved out of wood and painted. Most commonly used as kids toys, as the ones below:   

Two groups of more modern Dala Horses, from the same website

Then a few of my own ceramic Dalahorses. Made this summer to be used as Christmas decorations. These horses are not painted in the classic style, but glazed and then burned in a raku kiln. (Kind of funny that I photographed them outdoors, like the ones above!)

More modern versions of the Swedish Dala Horse here