DIY: White Christmas Paper Garland Tutorial

Don't like curtains? But still want something curtain-like to increase the cosy feel during winter? How about this clever idea - snowflakes on a string! Quite possible my favorite DIY.... 
It's a quite beautiful, yet simple DIY garland from the Swedish blog Mokkasin. It only takes a few minutes and everyone can do it. The result is stunning!! All you need is some white tissue paper, a scissor and a big needle, plus some nice, robust strings. How to do: 
1. cut out small, "circular" pieces of the paper
2. make a pile of the papers circles, thick/thin enough to be able to press through with the needle and string. 
3. add as many piles as you prefer on each string
4. carefully separate the papers to make the garland
5. hang them in the window and see them turn. Enjoy!
WABI SABI Lisbeth Williams @ Williams Design
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