Paul Loebach's design is re-use of tradition

When I saw these pics by photographer Leslie WIlliamson, of designer Paul Loebach's studio in Brooklyn, I jumped. Look at those Himmeli lamps! And that ladder! 
Paul Loebach's design, is based on traditional tools and decorations. Just look at his Himmeli Lights, which are inspired by traditional Finnish straw ornaments. 

The page spread above is from Elle Decor, where Paul Loebach's work was highlighted last spring. Below: more pics from his studio. 

Paul Loebach's lamps are formed by threading together anodized aluminum tubes, with a simple paper shade nestled within the frame (now in production by Roll & Hill). 
Loebach's ladders are inspired by 19th-century orchard equipments. His turned, hard maple ladders can be used to hang throws, towels, clothes, or simply stand alone (produced by Matter). 

Below: Paul Loebach co-designed this textile with Jessie Henson. It is patterned after the ancient biblical proverb Nothing Lost, adopted by American quilters in the civil war era. Positive and negative shapes are laser cut from wool felt and stitched back together. The two resulting quilts are inverse matches, made with zero wasted material. Brilliant!  
Photos: the interior shots of  Paul Loebach's studio in Brooklyn are by Leslie Williamson. The rest are from Paul Loebach's website, where you will find lots of other great designs.