Love my new Li

I usually don't believe shopping makes you happy, but I must confess, tonight I do. Today I bought a big, ceramic pot, and I am happy!. It was love at first sight, so I bought it - from my friend Marie, who made it (one of several) as part of her master degree in design. 

I have not seen anything like it before, and Marie told me her pottery project was inspired by ancient Chinese ceramics. It's too dark to take a decent picture of it tonight, but back home I found some similar ones on auction sites online. I now know a bit more about these rather curvy tripods: they are called Li, and date back to 4500 BC - 2000 BC. They have three hollow legs, each standing on a small ceramic support. The bulbous body would have held liquid or food to be heated over an open fire. 

My new, raku fired pot is pitch black on the outside, and has a turquoise to red glaze inside. Enjoy these beauties, 'till I have time to show you my own. 
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