Raw elegance in New York City. En renoverad dröm!

This classic New York city apartment was recently renovated by Olson Kundig Architects. They transformed the space from a traditional pre-war, partitioned layout into a simple open plan. The project included reclaiming some of the building’s original features, such as two cast iron riveted columns and the original masonry walls.
To open up the old apartment, Olson Kundig Architects raised the ceilings, and removed many interior walls. The windows were enlarged to allow daylight to penetrate deep into the space. Seemed to have worked well. I'm delighted to see an apartment with such restrained decoration... a few classics but no (short lived) trendy items of the kind that quickly dates a place. Well done!  
All the aged materials give the flat a Wabi Sabi feel, don't you think?  Love the white ceiling and sheetrock walls, the exposed masonry, the black steel and the reclaimed oak floors. All images via.  
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