Feathers all over the place

First, I'd like to thank beautiful & talented Susanne, the editor behind the blog Me and Alice for mentioning this blog as her favorite, when interviewed by the Brazilian Magazine Casa e Jardim (House & Garden). I am very humbled and flattered! Head over to her blog, filled with beautiful pictures of her country home, up in the north of Sweden. 
This was a great surprise - and a lovely start of my weekend. I'm looking forward to working in my garden the next couple of days. Lots to do. Soon enough Easter is here. Below are some feathery pictures I've collected on Pinterest to help me get into an Easter mode. Enjoy your weekend!

Pictures from the top: www.emiliehalpern.com, parisapartment.wordpress.com, www.louiseroe.dk, flickr.com/photos/nationaalarchief, and of course tumblr (without source).
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