Styling for sale

Isn't it interesting to see how different we present homes for sale. Different countries seems to prefer different styles. Here in Sweden homestyling (really homestaging) has become a decorating style in itself. At least on Hemnet, which is an online service for homes for sale in Sweden. As a interior design teacher, I tell my students to stay away from Hemnet. Far away! Because it is quite scary to see how many homes looks almost identical! The same Tolix chairs, the same framed sentences on the walls, the same trows and pillow arrangements in bedrooms and livingrooms, the same candle holders on the tables. I have no explanation for this, other that the "styling" is made by a copycat, with little or no imagination or creativity. 

What's the situation in your country? 

Here is a Spanish example that I really like. Primarily because the styling is so un-Swedish, and because of the beautiful mix of old and new. 

Hur trött på hemnetstylingarna är du? På en skala? 
Hur skulle du vilja ha ditt hem presenterat om du skulle sälja? 
Jag som har mitt kontor och min ateljé "hemma", skulle få ett drygt jobb
att fixa huset inför en försäljning. Och jag vet vilka stylingtrender jag skulle vägra. 
Inte en pläd draperad på snedden kommer över min tröskel. 
Inte heller Tolixstolar, eller en Kubus. Eller inramade sentenser. 
Inga värmeljus på soffbordet eller tulpaner på köksbordet. 
Inga....., ja listan kan göras lång.Vad ogillar du mest, när du surfar på Hemnet? 

These pictures are from Los Penascales in Spain, by architects ÁBATON. The project was awarded the 2008 Asprima-Sima Prize for best private housing development in Spain. Read more here 

WABI SABI Lisbeth Williams @ Williams Design