Black And White Knitting Norwegian style

Have I mentioned that it's really, really cold in Sweden right now? Lots of snow (as in traffic chaos), fire burning in the iron stove inside. And I've got my beloved Lusekofta to keep me warm. It's such a clever design. The pattern isn't "just" decoration. Because you knit the whole cardigan with two threads, it becomes as warm as a jacket! I bought my yarn (grey and white wool) while touring Lofoten/Norway some years ago, and knitted my Lusekofta (using a circular needle) during that stay. 

If you feel like making your own, there are lots of traditional, and modern patterns to download online. I searched the word Seterdal (the name of the rural area in Norway, which has given its name to the traditional pattern in these pictures) and found among others Garnstudion. Just remember to chose one size too big - the double yarn tend to make the cardigan tight. Good luck knitting! 

WABI SABI Lisbeth Williams @ Williams Design
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