Dressed for a Nobel Prize Banquet

Today is December 10, and major party time in Sweden. 
I was not invited to the Nobel Prize Ceremony or Banquet (not fair ;-))
but I have friends who are there. Mingling with Laureates and Swedish Royalties. 
What do one wear on an occasion like that? 
All the bling you can muster. And then some...
OR you may ware a traditional attire from your country. 
So - if you don't have a vintage couture dress 
like the one by Elsa Schiaparelli (1952) in your wardrobe,  you can always go traditional. 

There are laureates from France, the UK, Japan, the USA and China this year, 
and I was hoping to see some fun and creative dresses like these. But no...

I would love to wear a dress like the one below. Plus the necklace. 

... or be a golden girl. With folds galore. 
Wonder what it's like to dance in a golden dress like this:

What would you wear? 

WABI SABI Lisbeth Williams @ Williams Design
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