BicycleGate - my next project?

Now, this is a gate I'd like to make.
Have an old bike. Need some iron and welding skills.
Sigh - think I need professional help to make this, after all.
Image from Inspiration Green

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Editor's Choice: Concrete table for indoor and outdoor use

It's just weeks away. The Milan's Furniture Fair. It opens in mid April, and I hope to see Italian 
designers Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere's stunning table Boiacca in Kristalia's stand.
The table is made of cement with internal reinforcements in stainless steel. 
The cement legs are incredibly thin, elegant and resistant, 
allowing the Boiacca table to be used both in- and outdoors. 
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A Cosy Corner for Relaxation

A lovely space with a relaxed feel. 
Simple furniture. Soft colors and material. Beautiful natural light. 
What else do we need? Images via
Have a great weekend, all. 

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An old map as wallpaper

Interesting. A canoe gets a second life as a bench. 
On the wall - a new wallpaper with a map of the world (when?) 
from Wall and Deco 
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Transparent and Graphic Art

Steven N. Meyers has turned X-ray images of flowers and plants into fine art. He write on his webpage that the earliest Floral Radiographs was created over 70 years ago. But few practice it today. I don't know if he still works on this (his webpage hasn't been updated since 2009), but hope to see more along this line, because these delicate black and white photos sure would look good in homes of any age or style!

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Simple Living - come Rain or Shine

Two different weekend cottages, photograped by Tomaestudio for Revista Living. Just the basic necessities for an uncomplicated weeked life, in balance with nature. Love it!  

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Lovely Daylight

I love photographs where they've only used natural light. Like here. By Darren Williams 
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Spring Cleaning

Hello & WELCOME  all my new readers! Wabi Sabi has almost four times as many visitors as last fall, so it's about time to welcome you all. And it's time do some spring cleaning. I started yesterday by fiddling with the html code, so there may be some hick ups before I'm done. You know how it is - what looks good in my browser or platform, may not work for you, so I very much appreciate if you tell me any oddities that may show up on your screen. Thanks for your help. //Lisbeth

Image from Restoration Hardware

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Spring is hesitating in the door way. We had rain today. How is spring coming where you are?  

Both pics above via tumblr

Left picture via, and right by Paul Reaside

Via. See the original pic here
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Bye bye Winter

When I work from home, this is what I see on my walk to the mail box. I always have my phone ready to take a picture of the ever changing winter skies. But this is history now - Spring is already here, and I'm working hard around the house to cut down trees, prune bushes and tend to flowers and other plants. This is the best part of the year. 
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The perfect still life!

OK, I confess, I'm a sucker for great still lives. In my mind, most are over done (like Ikea's in the blog post below), others are just perfect, like these two, photographed by Thomas Popinger. You can tell the person behind this shot know his Morandi. Beautifully arranged: every detail, every line in place. Brilliant! 

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Jumpstart Spring Living

I found this in my inbox today, and liked the simple and clean styling. It's a press images from Ikea's of their new, fake olive tree Fejka (!) A great way to jump start our balcony season, for us up in the cold North. I haven't seen the tree "in person" so to speak, but if sure looks good on this pic from Ikea 
Foto: IKEA Livet Hemma/Roland Persson
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Bloglove: Cherry Blossom

There are many great Norwegian blogs - Cherry Blossom is one of them. Her style is Scandinavian with a romantic/asian touch. Beautiful! Head over to her blog for more along this line. 

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Inspirational Collage for your wall

Susan Black makes wonderful collages, mixing paint and re-used material of all sorts. Like this piece, which I found on her blog 29 Black Street. If you like what you see, you can buy her work at her Etsy shop
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A Weekend Cabin in Stockholm's Archipelago

Some people have more talent (and knowledge) than others. Just look at Carouschka Streijffert! She is a Swedish artist, architect, set designer and writer. Among other things... 

I first notice her creativity, when she appeared on a Swedish TV "remake-my-home" show. Her work stood out, was soooo much more inventive than the other designers. She was very clever in finding new use of old spaces, by using very small means. Re-use seem to be her thing. 

One incident stands out in my memory: the carpenters argued about something she had planned. When they didn't get it, she pulled out her bright red lipstick, and draw a  sketch on the wall!! Nice touch ;-)  Much of that side of her is visible in her own weekend cabin. The focus is on simple living, in harmony with nature. No fancy styling to impress, just the basic necessities. Love it.  

All of a sudden her summer house is showing up in many blogposts here and here and here. A well deserved attention. But few seems to know who created this space, build to fulfill a dream of escape. So even though I already blogged about this cottage on my other blog Creative Living (before I started this blog), I think it's about time to present Carouschka Streijffert and her work, here too. 

Carouschka Streijffert's weekend shelter on an island in the Stockholm archipelago. The surfaces are raw, with unfinished plaster walls, wooden floors and lots of clever storage.

Windows in all directions, blurring the borders between indoors and out. Below I have added some smaller images of Carouschka Streijffert's art work and stage set sketches, to the larger images of her house.  

Combined kitchen, living room and study below, wooden stairs to the open space, sleeping area above.  

Carouschka Streijffert has placed small tables and chairs all around the house, and in each direction, on the outside - ready for work ore a quick meal. 
The larger images are from photographer Martin Lof's blog and Sköna hem, and the smaller ones (of her artwork etc) are from Carouschka Streijffert's own website. Like her style? Check out her awesome Stockholm loft here

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