Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013: Oki Sato

February is coming up, and it's party time for designers and design bloggers. Next week it's time for the annual Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair. As always, I expect to find lots and lots of interesting design ideas. This year  the guest of honor is the Canadian born Japanese designer Oki Sato, who's work is represented in museums such as New York's Museum of Modern Art, Paris' Musée des Arts Decoratif and The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Most of his design lack color. The focus is on the powerful outlined shapes.

Architect/designer Oki Sato has spent most of his life in Tokyo. 2002 he started the design studio, now known as Nendo (= molding clay in Japanese) a reference to the idea that you can transform any mundane material into something exceptional. And he does!  Oki Sato's designs may look very simple at first glance, but prove to be very innovative both conceptually and technically. Love the playful way he experiments with different materials and structures. Oki Sato and his award winning design team Akihiro Ito, Takahiro Matsumura, Takajuki Jshikawa, Ternaki Okdada and Joshitika Ito now has a second branch in Milan. Welcome back to Stockholm! 
WABI SABI interior design art photography
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