Mix and Match French style

Not Wabi Sabi - but I couldn't resist this daring mix of old and new. I am especially impressed with the fact that this French decorator, after moving in to this stunning down town apartment in Lyon,  didn't do what most Swedes would do: tear down old walls, and replace most fixtures and surfaces with new. And definitely paint all floors white! Instead all those things that makes this 18 century apartment so special is intact, but for the kitchen and bath, where 21 century rules.  

I absolutely love this fun mix of old and new, of elegant and raw, of posh and simple. Just look at the kitchen doors and the plastic cup style stools!  What do you think? Could you live here? I could (but I would remove the carpet in the pic below - even if it covers a bad spot on that stunning floor!) Images: Case da abitare

WABI SABI interior design art photography
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