Scandinavian Glass

Have I mentioned that I love glass? Glass sculptures, vases or the odd drinking glass placed on a windowsill. Love the way crystal glass reflects rays of light far into a room. Or a colored piece of glass making patterns on a wall. I guess I'm lucky then to live in a glassmaking country, with glass factories that dates way back. Unfortunately people are not ready to pay what it cost to make glass the way they did in the old days, (as seen in the pictures below from Orrefors Kosta Boda), and most glassworks are now closed. Who can compete with pressed or cast glass from the Far East? If you, like me, are passionate about handcrafted glass, you are still able to see how it's made, if you visit the Orrefors Kosta Boda glassworks in the south of Sweden. I've borrowed the images below, from inside the glassworks, from the Orrefors or Kosta Boda facebook pages, and the images of the amazing glass products are from the the Orrefors Kosta Boda website, which also has a webshop. My own favorite? Quite possibly the green globe with the golden house on top. Pure love. And the champagne glasses below, aren't half bad either! What kind of glass products do you like? (Nope, this post wasn't sponsored.)

For more than two and a half century, glass has been produced in Sweden. Up until recently the budding glass workers were trained by the masters in the midst of regular production. They were allowed to practise, fail and practise again, finally to succeed.

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