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Spring cleaning, and preparing for a lecture on Sunday. And found this: an old interview with me (sorry it's in Swedish), where I try to explain the difference between styling and homestaging. (A sisyphus task, it seems...)

Styling (products) and staging (homes) are almost always mixed up here in Sweden, as seen on the sales site Hemnet. Despite this, research show that most home buyers don't like styled homes that look almost identical, no matter what or where! 

So why do stylist keep doing it? Beats me! Especially, if they keep it up, people will learn how to mimic the current hemnet-style, and do the styling themselves. Counter productive in other words, if you are a professional homestager. 

Many Swedish home seller think - why pay for something you can do yourself?  Rightly so - but then sellers don't understand the extent of their own "home blindness"... That is the main reason you need to hire a professional homestager to help you prepare your home before you sell it. A professional and creative homestager who doesn't just style your home, but understanding its unique qualities. A professional stager who knows how to present those qualities, so they are quickly spotted on the online presentations, and obvious during that short hour when they visit your home, before they buy it. 

As always, form follows function! And form with great style, creativity and professionalism! All in a nice mix, to make the home stand out among all the lookalikes online. 

Obs: domänen är inte längre min - tyckte blogg funkade bättre! 
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