Capturing Manhattan Stillness

I just love these photos by New York photographer Arne Svenson 
Not everyone does. His new project The Neighbors
a series of photographs recently on display in Los Angeles, 
has caused quite a stir. 

Svenson has taken photographs of his new york neighbors, 
through the windows of their own homes, showing 
unscripted and random, yet intriguing human moments, 
that really sets my imagination in motion... 

 The grid structure of the windows 
frame the quotidian activities of the neighbors, 
forming images which are 
endearing, theatrical and rather puzzling. 

I love the stillness, the simple elegance. 
The photos makes me think of paintings by 

 Arne Svenson is known for his eccentric interpretations of the everyday and familiar. 

The Neighbors is his latest project - a subtle yet provocative set of photographs; 
a social, class and aesthetic study of life behind the windows of high-rise condos. 
The photos mirror our cultural curiosity and preoccupation with other people’s lives – 
think Facebook, Instagram, reality television etc. 

Svenson's New York neighbors are quite unhappy about the whole thing - 
crying out at the invasion of their privacy, and are considering legal action.

Arne Svenson: "For my subjects there is no question of privacy; 
they are performing behind a transparent scrim on a stage 
of their own creation with the curtain raised high." 

I guess that is why I have no problem with this project.
Do you?
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