Design at its Best

I am amazed at all the poor design that is out there. Some may be trendy and look good, but is utterly useless. Other items may be practical, but the design........ So let me highlight a few pieces where form & function blend beautifully - that I'd love to have myself, if I was a rich woman.... 

Above, a the Ninna armchair in wood and leather, by Italian designer Carlo Contin for Adentro
Below a clever seat by Japanese designer Yukari Hotta

Above: Swedish designer Mattias Stenberg's Carry on seat from Studio Vision for Offect. 
Below the clever Fibonacci cabinet in bamboo by Chinese designer Wang Peng,  Utad Studio .

In their own words: The design idea comes from the traditional Chinese medicine storage units, where all the drawers are the same size. In order to satisfy the multi- functional requirement, we apply the principles of the Fibonacci sequence to rearrange every size of these units in series, which could be used separately, combines the freedom to incorporate the modular series into different interior spaces or scenarios.  

If you are new to the Fibonacci sequence, I've blogged about it before, here
WABI SABI interior design art photography
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