Instagram Love: Julian Escardo

Remember the beautiful photo above? I posted it here, some months ago, because I loved the stunning composition, the soft shades of grey and the simple complexity of form. The person behind the lens is the Paris based photographer Julian Escardo, and since my previous post, we've become Instagram friends. Lucky me!

In his own words, Julian Escado is "adrenalized by photography, the possibilities, the art, the instant gratification, the communication process." OK, so what inspires him? "Life itself. Every hour of the day offers a different light quality, texture, color…even smells can be made visible." 

Below are a few of my favorite photos from his vast body of work - sophisticated and elegant, sometimes mysterious, sometimes humorous. You can buy his prints from here.

If you want to see more images like these, head over to Julian's beautiful Facebook page. Or go here or to his blog. If you'd like to know more about the philosophy behind his work, check out this interview,. And if you want to know more about the man behind the Nikon, here is a new interview.
If you might want to join me and follow Julian on Instagram. See you there! I am wabisabistyle

Julian Escardo: it is my hope to stir emotion when people view what I do. I thrive to take a relatively static subject such as architecture and show flow, harmony and movement. Like it is alive...
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