Relaxed and Creative Living in Brisbane

I recently came across Australian stylist/photographer Kara Rosenlund's Pinterest board, and it was love at first sight! Just look at these photos of her house and movable caravan shop. What a clever idea - a shop on wheels, where she sells old home wares. 
Her lifestyle reminds me of the dream I had, before buying my current house. I wanted to buy a caravan, and travel across Europe: see new places, meet new people. 
But my caravan life has been put on hold. In the mean time I enjoy looking at pictures of caravans. And of Kara's beautiful, relaxed and creative Brisbane home, which include chickens! All images are from Kara Rosenlunds Pinterest board
You can read more about Kara Rosenlund's life and work on her blog. And if you want to follow her facebook page, this is it

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