Kate Moss as you've never seen her before

If you visit European Interior Design blogs, you will most likely find a book of Kate Moss somewhere in the shot. Or perhaps a picture of her stuck to a wall. Before we all get to tired of this trend, here are a set of photographs of her at the tender age of 14. They are from her first photoshoot with photographer David Ross, and I love them, because she is portrayed as a subject, not an object (as so often later on).

David Ross: “This first shoot with Kate Moss is a lovely piece of history, capturing her freshness and innocence with her first experience entering the world of fashion modelling. It's interesting thinking how she was back then, fresh up from Croydon – deep in South London - by herself on the train. I actually sent her home the first time she turned up because she arrived without a chaperone!” Quote from the artrepublic.

These photos were recently shown at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery in London
WABI SABI interior design art photography
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