Welcome to my garden

Happy Summer Solstice everyone!
Those of you who follow me on Instagram have noticed that I've spent a lot of time in my garden this spring. I prefer gardening to work out, so it's been a couple of hours. Above is a photo of one of the tulips I planted last fall. 
Winter in Sweden was unusually mild, and spring came early, so flowers and veggies are currently growing like mad. It's with mixed feelings I watch the garden grow like this, as we all know by now, it comes with a price...

My veggie garden is all in wooden containers (pallets) where I grow zucchini, potatoes, beans, lettuce and a few other goodies. The pic below is of the sugar beans today:

But, being me, I grow more than food in the pallets. 
Here are a few of the flowering bulbs from this spring:

.... but behind the scene it's just as messy and functional as ever. Have great weekend friends.

For more photos from my garden, please check out my Instagram gallery.
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