Braided Yarn - Not Knitted

Lately I've written a few posts on great, trendy knits to ware or to decorate your home. I find artist and fashion designer Dana Barnes' work, as something along that line too. These pictures are from her New York exhibition last year called Unspun - Tangled and Fused. To walk on a carpet like this, must be like walking on clouds! 
Dana Barnes experiments with unspun natural fibers and innovative felting processes. 

Barnes uses techniques like knotting, netting, twisting and looping to create large scale textiles for interior spaces. See more pictures from the creative process here.

Read an interview with Dana Barnes in the New York Times here. All pictures from Dana Barnes' website

I want scissors for Christmas

On my wish list this Christmas: beautiful, hand made copper scissors from Tajika Haruo ironworks in Japan. Each piece is hand forged and hand sharpened using traditional methods dating back to the Showa period. The copper will begin to oxidize and develop a unique patina with continued use. Sold here

Trendspotting: Dalahästen är tillbaka!

Jag ser den överallt, när jag surfar runt: dalahästen! Särskilt på internationella webbplatser som Etsy. Här några exempel på såväl inhemska som utländska tolkningar av vår kära trähäst. Först en tuftad matta, som jag hittade här

Ovan: julgransdekorationer av Love Handmade
Nedan 1: mugg från Sisbiz

Ovan 2: grytunderlägg från Bromma Kortförlag, 3: bokstöd från Claes Ohlson 
Under: tryckkloss av CorraBelle

 Ovan: 1: Dobbinmewsholidayshop, 2: tygtryck av JamsaBon, 3: flickr. Nedan: nyckeringar i textil av stylist/fotograf Imke Klee

Här hittar du bilder på gamla, svenska dalahästar från tidigare sekler. Samt några nya i keramik, som jag gjort.

The Swedish Dala Horse

This is the time of year when Swedes dig deep into their national and regional traditions. Lucia, Santa and the Straw Goat are sure to show up in most homes. And the Dala Horse too, in some regions. The other week I came across a website totally dedicated to Dalahorses, and filled with beautiful pictures of antique Dalahorses. Carved out of wood and painted. Most commonly used as kids toys, as the ones below:   

Two groups of more modern Dala Horses, from the same website

Then a few of my own ceramic Dalahorses. Made this summer to be used as Christmas decorations. These horses are not painted in the classic style, but glazed and then burned in a raku kiln. (Kind of funny that I photographed them outdoors, like the ones above!)

More modern versions of the Swedish Dala Horse here

Looking close at patinated bronze

Binder With Magnifying Glass 2011. Patinated Bronze.
Art by Ricky Swallow

1 Advent in Sweden

Today is the 1 of Advent, the first of four Sundays before Christmas. In Sweden - this is the day we start to dress and prepare our houses for Christmas. So this afternoon I went out in the storm to look for green lingonberry leaves, pine cones and grey moss on twigs, that I'll use for all sorts of traditional Christmas decorations coming weeks. 

How do YOU prepare for Christmas where you are? 

Simple Living Close to Nature outside Berlin

Old German cottage + Scandinavian materials + Japanese simplicity = compact weekend getaway outside Berlin. Redesigned by Leipzig architects Schellenberg und Thaut

All images of this 62 square meter abode in the forest south of Berlin, are from Schellenberg und Thautfound via La Maison d'AnnaG and Design Shimmer

Exquisite Photos of Roux

I have never thought of myself as a cat person (whatever that is?). But many, many years ago, two homeless cats moved in. I didn't have the guts to put them down, so they've been running my life ever since. Now Darwin is gone, but Tosca is still here - still running the show.

I know, I know, this is not an animal blog, but I just found this cat blog, full of beautiful photos.  
Sad to say - my japanese is a bit rusty.... but these exquisite photos of the cat Roux makes me wonder if the blogger is a professional photographer? Or filmmaker? Simple and elegant. As is this film, below. Enjoy!

Alternativ julgran för dig som är trött på barr och plast

Är du trött på att sopa barr? 
Och gillar inte plastgranar? 
Låt mig presentera några alternativa idéer. 

Någon favorit? Min är nog stegen... eller kanske bokhyllan? Såååå aja-baja. Passar min knäppa göteborgshumor perfekt!
1. Shelterness

Trees Outside In

Natural inspiration transformed into art, crafts and design. First - a stunning winter landscape by Andrew Kearton. I love his work, and this is how he introduces himself on his flickr page: I live in a rural area of North Derbyshire and have many locations in which to walk and take landscape photos. Photography has become a big part of my life over the last few years. It started as a way of documenting where I had visited and walked in my spare time along with my dog Tess. (Click on the top image for a larger version)

6. unknown

DIY: Årets smartaste adventskalender

Årets snyggaste och smartaste adventskalender kommer från norska Stylizimo. Utan konkurrens. Den är sååå 2011 med sina klädnypor av trä dekorerade med  japansk washitape och med origamivikt pappersstjärna! Gå till hennes fina blogg för instruktioner hur du fixar en egen. Lycka till! 

Summing up 2011 color trends: Black Chalk. DIY: förnya med tavelfärg

Förslag till målarprojekt under kommande helgdagar: måla möbler, lampskärmar eller väggpartier med svart tavelfärg. Trendigt och praktiskt på en och samma gång.  Lycka till! Via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 unknown, 6, 7

Time to eat!

All images from tumblr, but with no proper credit attached. Do YOU know who took these delicious pics??