Jewelry for the 21st Century: While They Await Extinction

This weekend many shop owners and style bloggers are in Stockholm for the Formex Furniture Fair. I'm not. Still, I'd like to show a few pictures of internationally acclaimed and award winning Swedish designer Hanna Hedman's set of jewelry "While they await extinction", presented at the fair. From her website: My jewelry has its origin in nature and the animal kingdom. Images of endangered animals and plants merge into each other and create new form of life. The forms are inspired by species unable to adapt or in some cases even completely died out. The jewels are affirmations for the different species, but also a commentary on the responsibility that we as humans hold. By wearing these jewels we become reminded of this responsibility on our own bodies in the form of memento jewelry. I am interested in showing my work in diverse ways: through wearing and photographs as well as installations and exhibitions .

De första pristagarna av Formex designpris Nova, Hanna Hedman och Simon Klenel, finns med bland utställarna på helgens formexmässa. Hanna Hedman visar smyckekonst från 2008-2011. Ovan ser du några bilder på hennes senaste smyckeserie While they await extinction. Hedmans smyckekost har rönt internationell uppmärksamhet, och du kan läsa mer om henne och hennes arbeten på hennes hemsida eller på Facebook, varifrån jag hämtat bilderna till collagen ovan. 

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