The Year of the Dragon

This weekend the Chinese celebrate their New Year
2012 is the year of the Dragon. The Dragon is all about drama - of excitement, unpredictability, exhilaration and intensity! Like japanese artist Satoshi Kamiya's origami paper dragons (and a dinosaur), which I found on his website here. Happy New Year! 
If you are into Feng shui, this is what goes:
The feng shui dragon is a powerful and auspicious traditional cure and an excellent symbol of strong yang / male energy. A pearl, or a crystal, in the dragon's claw symbolizes wealth, power and an abundance of opportunities. Ideally, you will place your feng shui dragon close to an open space, or in an open space, facing towards the house (to bring in the energy of wealth) but not feel cramped/restricted by facing a close wall, careful not to have the pearl in the dragon's claw facing toward the window or the door.

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