Some lovely bathroom inspiration

I have two bathrooms, both in dire need of a make over. 
Looking for inspiration online, I found these examples. 
Of course, if I had unlimited resources... 
but I girl can dream, right? 

One thing I know - if I want to be trendy,  I should have copper water pipes making geometric shapes on the wall. A nice way to "stamp" the date 2013 on the bathroom design, don't you think? I found the left pic here, and the one on the right, here. (For the source of the bigger photos, please click on each image.)

Above: The right photograph is by Willy Ronis (1936). I've had it as a postcard for ages. There is something about the daylight and the unassuming interior, that I just love. 
The bathroom to the left I found here. Please note: the the very top, left image are from here. The sweet picture of the feet are from an unknown source.
WABI SABI interior design art photography
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