Best way to stay trendy and warm this winter!

Winter is fast approaching in my part of the world, and I am preparing myself and my home for snow. To "help" me I have a nice selection of animal skins. I know they will keep me warm, cause they were all I had some years ago when we had a BIG storm and no electricity for days. I stayed in one room (the kitchen) where those furs (plus some candles and two cats) keep me nice and warm throughout the ordeal. (Now, a hot meal was a whole different matter...)

You may have noticed the trendy thing right now is to get a longhaired, Islandic sheep skin, like the ones above. Personally - I prefer the curly Gotland sheep skins seen in the pictures below.  

Last winter a friend gave me a reindeer skin from Lappland. While the sheep stay indoors, I bring the reindeer outdoor with me to sit on while watching a bonfire or just enjoying a hot cup of java in a sunny spot. 

 What kind of animal skin is YOUR favorite? If any? 
All images via my Pinterest
(Let me know if you have the source of these pics, and I'll add them asap. Thanks for your help.)
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