A really cool & creative Christmas present for everyone Young at Heart

Looking for a really cool and unique present? Here is one! My blog friend Jenny Brandt over at dosfamily.com has made a really cool coloring book, based on her photographs of her kids, and traced by her graphic designer husband Jens. To make it all happen she is using crowdfunding, and if you like her idea and want to support her project, then pop over to Indiegogo and order your copy of her El Coloring Book Ridiculoso (which will be delivered worldwide in time for Christmas). Prices range from $10 to $150. If you just want to support her book project, you can donate $3. If you want a unique coloring book, based on you own photographs (!) then you pay $1000. Check out all the different items and prices here. If you prefer to read about this project in Swedish, please go here

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