Swedish Design in the Front line

One of many favorite design firms, are the (many times over) award winning Swedish design team Front. I have blogged about their work before, and they keep coming up with new unique designs. With a twist.... 
Remember the Blow Away vase? Here are a few examples of what they'd done since. 
First, the Axor shower system for Hansgrohe. In their own words: We were inspired by water pathways in their most original form. We wanted to draw attention to the hidden aesthetics of technology in a particularly elegant way, turning pipes, joints, valves and funnels into a new shower set.  

The chair Collage (above and below) is part of a series of furniture, that has its origins in the archives of this 150 year old Swedish firm Gemla. Throughout the design process, tools and shapes from the past have been re-used, enhanced and complemented. 

The Elle Deco Winner chair (above) is in the shape of two joined arches and made of wood and upholstered leather. 
The Mikado Cupboard (below) for Porro, is an a transparent structure made of olive ash. The result is a piece of furniture somewhere between a vitrine and a cupboard... 

This year the London Design Museum nominated the Surface Tension Lamp (above) for the Designs of the Year 2013.  
The striped mattress (below) is made for the Italian firm Morfeus 

WABI SABI interior design art photography
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