Arne Jacobsen goes wood

The Danish firm Fritz Hansen now introduces Arne Jacobsen stacking chair collection in a series of wooden veneer variations, including Maple, Ash, Beech, Cherry, Oregon Pine, Elm, Oak, Walnut and Dark Stained Oak. In addition, nine new colours are also introduced, inspired by the original colour pallet designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1968; white, light grey, dark grey, black, yellow, orange, red, petrol blue and sage green. The new collection will be available from February 2012. 
Not Wabi Sabi perhaps, but classic design made to last for generations. So eventually...
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Beautiful Bath in Stone, Wood and Concrete

Above: Stones, stones, stones! I'd love an outdoor bath like this. Someday.... Below: Impressive bathtub in all wood. Must weigh a ton... (wonder how they manage to get it in there? A crane and through the window, perhaps?) Both pics via tumblr with no source.

Above: nice space with stunning sculpture, via 79ideas. Probably a hallway, but would work well in a bathroom. Below: four pictures from Beautiful grey walls and well designed furniture, looking very pure and restrained, with a Japanese feel. Love. 

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Building with respect to nature

Penny Hay Architects have a way of blending landscapes and buildings in their projects, no matter where. The result is stunning. Elegant. Relaxed.  Above, two images of a storm cottage in the Great Barrier.  Below -  three pics from the Brancott Heritage Estate, Blenheim 

And finally, two images from an island retreat, Waiheke. I could move into any of these three houses, wouldn't you? 

All images from the Penny Hay Interior Architect website. More images from Penny Hay's interiors here
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Shades of White + some natural accents

There's been a lot of dark interiors posted here recently. Maybe it's the dark winter days? Maybe it's the current muted color trend, that have inspired me? Let's change that. First a relaxed living room in mostly white, some browns and blues and lots of wood, via John Cullen

Beautiful items for the table. Bowls via, and spoons by Shuhei Senda

 Simple yet elegant interior and piles of wool, via pinterest.

Ooops - a dark one: peaceful and very Wabi Sabi 

Beautiful fireplace via. -  Other images via tumblr without source.

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The Year of the Dragon

This weekend the Chinese celebrate their New Year
2012 is the year of the Dragon. The Dragon is all about drama - of excitement, unpredictability, exhilaration and intensity! Like japanese artist Satoshi Kamiya's origami paper dragons (and a dinosaur), which I found on his website here. Happy New Year! 
If you are into Feng shui, this is what goes:
The feng shui dragon is a powerful and auspicious traditional cure and an excellent symbol of strong yang / male energy. A pearl, or a crystal, in the dragon's claw symbolizes wealth, power and an abundance of opportunities. Ideally, you will place your feng shui dragon close to an open space, or in an open space, facing towards the house (to bring in the energy of wealth) but not feel cramped/restricted by facing a close wall, careful not to have the pearl in the dragon's claw facing toward the window or the door.

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Jewelry for the 21st Century: While They Await Extinction

This weekend many shop owners and style bloggers are in Stockholm for the Formex Furniture Fair. I'm not. Still, I'd like to show a few pictures of internationally acclaimed and award winning Swedish designer Hanna Hedman's set of jewelry "While they await extinction", presented at the fair. From her website: My jewelry has its origin in nature and the animal kingdom. Images of endangered animals and plants merge into each other and create new form of life. The forms are inspired by species unable to adapt or in some cases even completely died out. The jewels are affirmations for the different species, but also a commentary on the responsibility that we as humans hold. By wearing these jewels we become reminded of this responsibility on our own bodies in the form of memento jewelry. I am interested in showing my work in diverse ways: through wearing and photographs as well as installations and exhibitions .

De första pristagarna av Formex designpris Nova, Hanna Hedman och Simon Klenel, finns med bland utställarna på helgens formexmässa. Hanna Hedman visar smyckekonst från 2008-2011. Ovan ser du några bilder på hennes senaste smyckeserie While they await extinction. Hedmans smyckekost har rönt internationell uppmärksamhet, och du kan läsa mer om henne och hennes arbeten på hennes hemsida eller på Facebook, varifrån jag hämtat bilderna till collagen ovan. 

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Summing up 2011 Greatest Trends: Muted Colors

Some example from the strong color trend, MUTED COLORS, which we saw a lot last year. Muted colors are expected to be even more popular this year, according to the trend gurus. I just love these muted tones, close to nature's own palette. Looking good in any style, it seems. Any preference? All images via Pinterest

Idag öppnar Formexmässan i Stockholm, och många inredningsbloggare rapporterar därifrån. Man har inlett med att fota sina frukostbrickor. Säkert jättesmarrigt alltihop. Formex har i år valt de bleka pastellerna som vårens färgtrend. I resten av världen har de mer mättade, dova färgnyanserna kommit starkt under 2011, och jag misstänker att de även kommer till Sverige. Kanske redan i år?  

Dessa dova färger, som utomlands kallas MUTED, är något som jag personligen gillar. Särskilt de lite skitiga, "dammiga" tonerna i grått, plommon och grå-brunt, med mörkrost, blekrosa och gult som accentfärg.

Jag måste erkänna att jag är väldigt svag för lugna, färgmässigt nedtonade miljöer. Interiörer med vit- eller gråmålade väggar och textilier i mättade, dova färger. Rum som utstrålar harmoni, där axlarna sjunker ner och man slappnar av, när man stiger över tröskeln. Men det är klart; när jag jobbar, måste jag kunna arbeta med ALLA färger, med många olika nyanser och med starka kontraster, när så behövs. Det är alltid uppdragets karaktär som styr färgvalet och färgstyrkan, som naturligtvis sedan bearbetas och  tolkas av mig. På så sätt får varje jobb en unik prägel. Men hemma hos mig vill jag ha dova toner och mjuka kontraster. 
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Natural Beauty

Some natural inspiration from (top left): 
- attic by Emmanuel Sougez. Le grenier de Joigny, 1954 via 
- knitted dress via
- desk unknown source/pinterest
- cat in laundry basket: unknown source/pinterest
- livingroom space via
- feather: unknown source/pinterest
- bottom left: Erik Gonzales gemini
- wired lamps: unknown source/pinterest
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